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My fellow dragonkeepers!

What do y’all think about having a Flight Rising Tinychat?

For those of you who don’t know: Tinychat is a chatroom where people can hang out and chat and/or stream! There can be up to twelve streams at one time, though the screens are a little small. To deskcam, you…

I’ve never really used tinychat, but this sounds like a wonderful idea!

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i want to earn money on flight rising but i also don’t want to play games

the struggle is real

Only patient people play games. The rest of us sell our dragonbabies. Or exalt them.

But seriously, having lots of dragons and lots babies is by far the easiest way to make treasure.

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I’ve been super anxious about posting in the FR tag because there are so many negative posts about newbies and I am one, but hEY why not, right? I can’t make friends just hovering around in the tag, fretting about everything! I’m a couple of days out from doing more breeding, so my lair is on its way towards growing, too, so I figured I should speak up beforehand in case anyone wants dibs on any of the lil babies.

I’m littlehawk #50813, if you want to be friends!

There’s hate? Yeesh, that’s just obnoxious. You should never be afraid to post on the tag!
HELLO! *waves*
I’m currently stalking your lair, so I’ll send you a pm :)

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Doll Swapping

I want to collect more windsinger dolls, so i’m swapping my spares of the other deities:

2x Earthshaker

1x Plaguebringer

2x Stormcatcher

1x Shadowbinder

3x Tidelords

5x Arcanists

So if you have spare windie puppets but need one of these, just send me a pm.

-Kyrrah, 18915


commission for Akal!

the colour scheme came out nice in this one 

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Hey, is anyone else getting a bunch of pop-up ads while using flight rising on their phone? :T

All the damn time.

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i gave noblesse circuit C:

I absolutely love her, but i somehow managed to misread her name as “nosebleed” >.>


I made another dumb toy.

See, I was using an RNG to make random dragons to plug into morphintime, but that was too much effort, so I took an hour and did this so that it would just lay it out for me. 

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