Kyrrah's Clan







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Mini-draw prize for thewolf by kijuaki - Lovely tundra and lovely backstory ◡‿◡✿

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Operation: Enabler



For the next 48 hours, reblog with your dream dragon and something might happen! 

I have my dream dragon, but boost!

Since this dragon doesn’t exist, i don’t know what you can do… but anyway:

banana/magenta/seafoam imp female


doodles of some of my dergs on fr

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Guess who completely rearranged their lair! 

I kinda wanted to get into the roleplaying aspect, but not with all 60something dergs. So far I’ve just got the first 2 pages, and i just wanted to block out their (very) general roles in the clan. Eventually I’ll get around to giving them all fully fleshed out bios and stories I hope!

I can’t really write, so we’ll see how it goes. I might just draw stuff instead.


done w// the actual dragon! now just the apparel and background

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clan-brightlily replied to your post: an update on the possibility of me op…

Uninstall and redownload sai. It’s done this to me before.

bruh i’ve been doing this for two days

i have uninstalled, clean wiped, and reinstalled this thing upwards of 10 times

it’s dead and gone, my friend

Just ringing in here: I’m using a basic version of sai that doesn’t need to be installed - you just copy the file and open it straight from that.

Now I have no idea, but do you think that would work any differently? Because i can link it to you :)

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reblog and i’ll tell you my opinion of you


it has nothing to do your dragons
if i don’t know you, i’ll make an assumption about you that you can dispute if you want to

awkwardly creeps in late >.>

Mystery Giveaway!



Another mystery giveaway, probably last one for a while haha.

There will be one winner, picked with RNG.

I can tell you that prize for this one is pretty nice, in my personal, subjective opinion better than light sprite and set of unhatched eggs, but that might be just me ;)

To take part reblog this post with your on site name and id and drawing of a stick dragon, write your name and id again on the image , example:

osiem #30450


the drawing is your ticket, entries without it won’t count! (image can be digital, or scaned, or photo done with your phone, as long as you can see the stick dragon it ill be fine ^^)

You have 24 hours to enter, giveaway end at 16:25 FR time tomorrow.

You don’t have to follow me to enter.

Let me know if you have any questions :)

Darksilverhawk 40711


100% Accurate fae there.

Kyrrah, 18915

what do you mean that’s not how spirals work

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