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Managed to get lildarkvixen ‘s commission done. WOH.

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Various dagron busts I’ve done. uvu Top one is most recent, and they all kinda vary in style/detail depending on the circumstance. All art here belongs to me and use of is reserved for those who commissioned said dagron heads. 

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Quick painting of my favourite imp, Aether! ^_^ 

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Project complete! ;A; yeah i spent way too much money on this…

miirshroom-fr your accent is the best thing ever!! I had to wait until she grew up to put it on, but here you go~


art trade with lychizzle@FR! check out the pretty little pixels they made me in return *w*

☆ lychizzle’s pixel shop here ☆ and  my art shop here 

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Have an art thing - a bust of crookfish's/Skreel's Ghirad'hamus for winning the Plague Beauty Contest. It was a lot of fun to work on! The only thing I hated was having to do it on my decrepit laptop while I repair the hard drive on my desktop. 

undel, xhaztol-fr

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"Your sycophantic behavior does not impress Gain. please leave him to his flexing and general buff fluffery."

quick vent art because i was a bit mad and still sick feeling tonight. i feel better now!

Oh yeah.

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Durpy painting of my starter dragon Bronzewinkle : )

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